About Me

My name is Seth Haussler.  I am currently living in Lincoln, NE.  Portrait photography is what I do. Senior pictures, general portrait, boudoir, family, personal branding, etc.  

I currently shoot with two Sony A7RIII's.  I use a wide variety of some of the highest quality lenses available for the Sony system.  Check out The Gear I Use page on my website to learn more about my gear.  These combinations of cameras and lenses help me provide some of the highest quality images available.  I shoot natural light or off-camera, high speed sync flash, depending on the situation and the look that I am trying to achieve.  This allows me the flexibility to provide great results no matter the time of day or the location.  Not just during the last or first hour of the day.  

Contact me as soon as possible to book a session or with any questions.  Don't forget to go to my contact page and click on the links to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter)!


[email protected]